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Remote monitoring in your site

Meet Remote Monitoring 2.0

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Clear medical records

End up with messy paper documentation and start working efficiently thanks to innovative hyggio ecosystem.

Remote eSource verification

Cut your costs by implementing remote solutions. Every monitoring visit will be prepared by itself.

Automatic visit's summary

Automate repetitive processes. Hyggio will automatically generate summary of every completed monitoring visit.

Stay always up to date

Compliance with regulators

Focus on your daily tasks when hyggio handles the rest. We run periodical validations for current regulations with every update we implement.
Control every procedure

Audit trial

Browse, view and control every source document you need. Hyggio will support you with quality checkup on every completed procedure according to the study protocol.
Simplify the communication

Built-in queries system

Create easily and send direct messages connected with specific procedures to study team members, review open queries and answer them right away with live notifications.
Care for monitors


Stay sure every montoring visit will be efficient as possible. Hyggio will automatically perform user-friendly onboard proccess to get most out of every single visit.
When the visit ends, monitor will receive automatic summary as a contribution to follow-up letters.
Why hyggio?

We can help you accelerate

Save time, improve quality and evolve your site.

#1 Solution in EU

Run remote oversight and automate quality care in your site with dedicated tools. Supervise your trials even if you work abroad.

Space savings

Save your space and become eco-friendly by replacing paper with e-documents. Manage all the files from one, remote place.

Reliable data

Hyggio preserves every click in the eSource. End up with burdensome, paper processes and speed up your peri-visits work.


Answers for all of your clinical trial needs collected in one 365 platform. Whenever and wherever you want.

Live support

We believe customer experience is essential, which is why customer service for us is always #1.

Security & Reliability

Your security is our priority.
Focus on your trials, we handle the rest meeting the guidlines of FDA, EMA, GPDF and others.

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"Wdrożenie Hyggio pozwoliło nam przyspieszyć ekspansję zagraniczną przy jednoczesnym zachowaniu pełnej kontroli operacyjnej nad dotychczasowymi ośrodkami. Bez Hyggio nie bylibyśmy w stanie podejmować tak świadomych decyzji biznesowych."

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"Hyggio okazało się bardzo łatwym w obsłudze narzędziem. Dzięki niemu w prosty sposób kontrolujemy wszystkie terminy wizyt, a w 1 miejscu mamy zebrane informacje dotyczące wyposażenia ośrodka i certyfikatów badaczy co bardzo usprawnia nam pracę."

Paulina Podlawska
CT Supervisor Clinnovate

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